Tower Offense Basics

Huge Armies!!

With Comet Crash you not only defend your base against rushes of enemies, but you also get to fight back with your own massive army!

There are two types of units that you can build: 'Basic Ops' and 'Special Ops'.

Basic Ops units are created faster than Special Ops units and are used to overwhelm the enemy base. There are 4 types of Basic Ops units that can be built, each with varying strength, speed and ability.

Special Ops units can be used against the enemy for offensive or defensive purposes.

Your army can consist of up to 1000 units!

Building Attack Units

Each Basic Ops and Special Ops tower produces a new unit every few seconds and teleports it to your base where it will wait for your attack command. The more Ops towers you build, the faster your army will increase.

Navigate your ship to any empty area on the map. To build Basic Ops units bring up the build menu by pressing R1. Use the arrow keys to select the tower. Press 'X' to build.

Special Ops comes with all units available, but Basic Ops must be upgraded to create different types of units. Hover over the Basic Ops tower to view the cost and upgrade attributes. The upgrade status is shown in each corner of the platform.

To switch between available units hover over the tower and hold down 'X'.

How Big Is Your Army?

The total size of your army can be viewed in the player status bar with the sword icon. You can also determine how many of each type of unit you currently possess by opening the attack menu (R3).

Unleashing An Attack!

It is time to cause major turmoil with your massive army of destruction. To release a particular unit type tilt the right stick toward the desired unit. The attack menu will disappear when the current attack is locked. At this point it is no longer necessary to tilt the right stick as the selected unit will automatically advance from your base. To unlock the attack, tilt the right stick in any direction.

Taking Out Enemy Structures

Every enemy tower can be destroyed by ground weapon towers. This type of assault is one of many strategies that can be used to advance in the game.

Recycling Towers

You can recycle a tower to recover some of the resources that you spent on it. Hover over the tower to see what its recycle value is.

Repairing Towers

Hover over a damaged tower to display the repair stats.

Tower Defense Basics

Defending Your Base

There are 4 types of weapons that can be used to defend your base against enemy swarms. You can manipulate the enemy path by strategically placing weapons along the path (you will learn more about this by completing Comet Crash training). You can also defend your base using certain types of Special Ops units.

Building Weapons

Weapons are purchased with resources (Thorium). To see how much a weapon costs, bring up the Build Menu by pressing R1 and then select the weapon. To build a weapon, navigate your ship to an empty square on the map and press 'X'. The weapon range is shown by a red circle that surrounds the weapon when hovering over it

Upgrading Weapons

Hover over a weapon to view its cost and upgrade attributes.


Setting Up Teams

After selecting Battle mode, choose up to 4 players. Next, select a map. The symbols below the map represent the amount of resources (Thorium) available during the battle. After selecting a map it is time to select a team. The default teams are set for free-for-all. For those who prefer team play, simply change the team names so that they are the same. This means you can create even matches of 2v2 or gang up on the Comet Crash guru with 3v1.

Setting the Hit Count

After selecting Battle, choose the hit count for each player's base by changing the value for 'Max Hits'. After this many units enter a base, the player is finished.

Changing Team Strength

Players that are highly skilled can reduce their Strength setting.

Change the 'Strength' setting to adjust the amount of resources and the 'Max Hits' for each player.  For example, if 'Max Hits' is set to 100 and the initial resources are 1000, then choosing 50% for Team A will reduce their 'Max Hits' to 50 and their initial resources to 500. Team B will continue to have 1000 Thorium and a 'Max Hits' of 100.

Selecting an Enemy to Target

Selecting R3 in Battle Mode will pop up the Attack Menu which displays the current target in the center. To change targets press L1.

Building Your Base

Navigate your ship to any square on the map that is not covered by a rock or another player's base. Press 'X' to build your base.


Is There a Demo that I Can Try Out?

Yes, a free demo of Comet Crash can be found on the Playstation®Store in the Demos category.

Does Comet Crash Support BGM (Background Music)?

Yes! To access BGM use the in-game XMB to play one of your tracks.

Does Comet Crash Support Video Record and Upload?

Yes, the Video Record feature is found in the main menu under 'Settings'. Select 'Video Record' and choose 'Enable'. After accepting the agreement you can start/pause/resume the recording using 'Select'. Once you have recorded some footage you can upload it or save it by going back to the 'Video Record' options in the Settings menu.

Does Comet Crash Support Co-Op?

Absolutely! Up to 3 players can fight through the Campaign together. Battle supports up to 4 players and allows configurable teams.

Does Comet Crash Support 1080p?


Does Comet Crash Have Online Leader Boards?


What About Trophies?

Comet Crash has 12 trophies that can be added to your collection.

Does Comet Crash Support Online Battle or Online Co-Op?

We invested over two months of development time attempting to implement online multiplayer for Comet Crash. With thousands of units to keep in sync, we knew there would be no elegant solution and had planned to hack around the problem. Unfortunately, with so many hacks it would be impractical to maintain a robust and consistent gaming experience. For that reason we have decided not to implement online multiplayer support.

What Makes Comet Crash Different?

Comet Crash takes classic Tower Defense and adds a twist to it by allowing you to fight back! That's right...ever heard of Tower Offense?

Comet Crash lets you build an army of up to 1000 units that can be released in one big rush to exterminate the enemy.

Comet Crash has a dynamic AI, so waves of attackers adjust to your defenses. Enemies are strategically released instead of being dumped out in timed waves and the enemy path can be instantly manipulated!

You can break down structures and invade enemy territory.

You defend your base with weapons AND specialized mobile units.

There are 8 different types of mobile units that can be generated.

Battle Mode allows you to attack and defend against friends.

When will Comet Crash be Released?

United States: Released
Europe: Released
Australia: Released
Asia: Released
Japan: Expected November, 2010

What Languages are Supported?

English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, German, Japanese*, Korean*

* Japanese and Korean are only supported in Japan and Korea, respectively.

Patch Information

Patch 1.01

  • Video Record - record gameplay videos to the hard drive or upload directly to YouTube™.
  • Flag icons added to scoreboard. If you have an existing score, you have to get a better score in order to register your flag.
  • Save Data for Campaign progress.
  • Campaign time penalties are now applied as they occur, instead of at the end of the game.
  • Rank is displayed in Area Complete screen.
  • Building on top of units of the same team will destroy them instead of floating them.
  • In Battle mode, the player that destroys an enemy base gets a Thorium bonus.

Patch 1.02

  • Added new sound effects.
  • New 4:3 layout for optimal SDTV gameplay.
  • Re-mastered some sound effects.
  • Graphics improvements.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Language support: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, German.

Patch 1.03

  • Expert difficulty level adds a greater element of challenge for seasoned Comet Crashers. Expert mode will definitely put your skills to the test.
  • 4 new Battle maps (1 for each comet).
  • 4 Resurgence maps for Campaign mode. Each map is unlocked after completing the 7 areas of the respective comet. It is not required to complete Resurgence areas in order to move to the next comet. Resurgence areas will be more challenging than other levels on the comet. hints.
  • Timed Battle mode. This gives you greater control over how long a match will last. Once the timer hits 0 all units will begin to spawn at 8x the normal rate!
  • You can now change the rate of Thorium for the Battle maps. Choose between 50% and 200% of the default Thorium levels.